Tuesday, April 11, 2006

"Living to 100 and Beyond" International Symposium

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I am pleased to inform you that a new International Scientific Symposium "Living to 100 and Beyond" is planned now by the Society of Actuaries for January 2008 in Florida, USA. The proceedings of a previous symposium are available at:


The Organizing Committee is now looking for additional participating organizations interested to co-sponsor this Symposium. The program of the previous Symposium included 26 presentations of leading researchers from 12 countries (England, Canada, Germany, India, Mexico, France, Switzerland, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Japan, and the United States), see:


Please let me know if you are interested that your organization become a co-sponsor for this Symposium.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

-- Leonid Gavrilov, PhD
Website: http://longevity-science.org/
Blog: http://longevity-science.blogspot.com/

P.S.: Here is some additional information, from the Society of Actuaries (SOA), which may help to make a decision:

"The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is organizing a follow-up to its successful 2005 Living to 100 and Beyond Symposium tentatively scheduled for January 7-9, 2008 in Orlando, Florida USA. We are seeking your organization's assistance in publicizing and/or sponsoring this event and would like you to become a participating organization for this symposium.

This international symposium will focus on methodology for developing more accurate estimates of advanced age survival rates and the consequences of lengthening lifetimes. To ensure the success of this symposium, we need to encourage leading researchers to produce and present papers at the symposium. The attached draft Call For Papers provides information on subjects to be covered. Your organization would receive three main benefits by joining us as a participating organization.

Benefits To Your Organization And Its Members

1. Exposure of your organization as a participating organization for this event to SOA membership and the membership of other participating organizations including publicity in the Call for Papers, symposium materials and news releases for the media;

2. A discounted registration fee for your organization's membership; and

3. Increased recognition of your organization's position as a leader in mortality research.

Here's How To Become A Participating Organization

Your organization may participate in the symposium in one or more of the following ways that are consistent with your resources and level of interest:

* Promote the Call For Papers and Symposium.

* Provide high age mortality data from experience studies compiled by your organization.

* Contribute funding for travel grants and honoraria for symposium presenters.

We appreciate your organization's consideration of this important research opportunity and request your response by April 17. We are looking forward to a productive collaboration in this endeavor."


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