Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birthday Idea

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Dear Friends!

Today is my birthday.

I am 56 years old now.

It's hard to comprehend how fast the time is passing by.

In my heart I still feel myself like a student.

However in my mind I understand that the length of my remaining healthy life is declining every day because of aging.

Of course this is not just my own problem - aging affects everyone.

There is a hope that science may help to address the problem of human aging and limited lifespan:
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To succeed with this life extension project we need support from clever wealthy persons.

Persons who clearly understand that their remaining lifespan is too short for them to use sensibly all their accumulated wealth.

If you do know personally such clever wealthy individuals, please forward them this message.

In this way you may help to yourself and your loved ones too.

Thank you, and loooong years of healthy and happy life to you!

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Birthday Idea
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Blogger Thomas said...

Dear Dr Gavrilov!

When people ask me what I want for my birthday, I always reply "many more birthdays!" So, I wish many more birthdays for you.
As a westerner living in Russia I have noticed that Russians tend to place more emphasis on birthdays.
Like you, I am acutely aware of the passing of time. I am now 53 and my father died at age 55, so I am almost at that age. It is quite frightening as I feel (mentally) still as I did when only 20.
Still, we can only keep going, day by day. I applaud your efforts to join wealth and science.


Tom Coote

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Karen Garcia said...

In a little over a month, I will celebrate my 57th birthday. My goal, since I turned 50, is to live to 105. I am repeatedly amazed by how many people, when I share this goal, tell me they have no desire to live that long! Naturally, my intent is to live it out in a physically and mentally healthy state. It's encouraging that there are researchers, such as yourself, who "see" the possibilities and continue to work at improving our futures and gaining awareness toward that "cause". Kudos...and Happy Belated Birthday.

Karen Garcia,

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Sains Populer said...

It's been 3 months since your birthday, anyway happy b'day, wish you all the best things in science.

5:49 AM  

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