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New Handbook of Models for Human Aging

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I am pleased to announce publication of new scientific monograph written with our participation:

Hardbound, ISBN: 0-12-369391-8, 1075 pages,

This Handbook is designed as the only comprehensive work available that covers the diversity of aging models currently available. For each animal model, it presents key aspects of biology, nutrition, factors affecting life span, methods of age determination, use in research, and disadvantages/advantes of use. Chapters on comparative models take a broad sweep of age-related diseases, from Alzheimer's to joint disease, cataracts, cancer, and obesity. In addition, there is an historical overview and discussion of model availability, key methods, and ethical issues.

Researchers interested in the mechanisms of aging, gerontologists, health professionals, and allied health professionals and students

I. Introduction 1. Historical Development of Animal Models of Aging Richard L Sprott, Steven N Austad 2. Species Selection in Comparative Studies of Aging and Anti-Aging Joao Pedro de Magalhaes 3. Principles of Animal Use for Gerontological Research Richard A. Miller 4. From Primary Cultures to the Aging Organism: Lessons from Human T Lymphocytes Rita B Effros;
5. Models of Systems Failure in Aging, Leonid A Gavrilov, Natalia S. Gavrilova;
6. Major Issues in Ethics of Aging Research Michael D Smith 7. Ethical Aspects of Research Involving Elderly Persons Paul S Mueller, C. Christopher Hook II. General Methods 8. SAGE KE and Other Online Resources Related to Aging Evelyn Strauss, R. John Davenport 9. Proteomics in Aging Research Christian Schoneich 10. Application of High-throughput Technologies to Aging-related Research Matt Kaeberlein 11. Models of Alzheimer's Disease Harry LeVine, III, Lary C Walker 12. Age-Related Hippocampal Dysfunction: Early Alzheimer's Disease vs Normal Aging Scott A Small 13. Epidemiology in Aging Research Hermann Brenner, Volker Arndt 14. Statistical Issues for Longevity Studies in Animal Models Chenxi Wang, Scott Keith, Kevin R Fontaine, David B Allison 15. Models for the Study of Infection in Populations John R Williams 16. Estimation of the rate of production of oxygen radicals at mitochondria Alberto Sanz, Gustavo Barja III. Animal Models A. Premammalian Systems 17. Telomeres and Aging in the Yeast Model System Kurt W Runge 18. Longevity and Aging in the Budding Yeast Matt Kaeberlein 19. From Yeast Methuselah Genes to Evolutionary Medicine Paolo Fabrizio, Valter D. Longo 20. Strongyloides Ratti: A Nematode with Extraordinary Plasticity in Aging Michael P. Gardner, David Gems, Mark Viney 21. Insect Models for the Study of Aging Klaus-Guenter Collatz 22. Drosophila Models of Aging Satomi Miwa, Alan Cohen 23. Models of Aging in Honeybee Workers Gro V Amdam, Olav Rueppel 24. Ants as Naturally Long-lived Insect Models for Aging Joel D Parker, Karen M Parker B. Mammalian Systems 25. Gene Expression and the Extended Longevity Phenotypes of Drosophila melanogaster Robert Arking 26. Annual Fish as a Genetic Model for Aging Pudur Jagadeeswaran 27. The Use of Mature Zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a Model for Human Aging and Disease Evan T Keller, Jill M. Keller, Gavin Gillespie 28. Zebrafish as Aging Models Shuji Kishi 29. Telomeres In Aging: Birds Susan E. Swanberg, Mary E. Delany 30. Domestic and Wild Bird Models for the Study of Aging Donna J. Holmes, M.A. Ottinger 31. A Transgenic Mini Rat Strain as a Tool for Studying Aging and Calorie Restriction Isao Shimokawa 32. Rat Models of Age-related Cognitive Decline Jennifer L Bizon, Michelle M Nicolle 33. Aged Rodents for Biogerontology Research Nancy L. Nadon 34. Life Extension in the Dwarf Mouse Andrzej Bartke 35. The Canine Model of Human Brain Aging: Cognition, Behavior, and Neuropathology P Dwight Tapp, Christina T Siwak 36. Bats as a Novel Model for Aging Research Anja K Brunet-Rossinni, Rocco E. Rossinni 37. Memory in the Aging Hippocampus: What can place cells tell us? Iain A Wilson 38. The Rhesus Macaque as a Model of Human Aging and Age-Related Disease Mary Ann Ottinger, Jullie A. Mattison; Mary B. Zelinski, Julie M. Wu, Steve Kohama, George S. Roth, Mark A. Lane, Donald K. Ingram 39. Non-human Primates as a Model for Reproductinve Aging and Human Infertility Barry D. Bavister, Carol A. Brenner IV. Comparative Models 40. Neurobiology of the Aging Brain Carlo Bertoni-Freddari, Patrizia Fattoretti, William Meier-Ruge 41. Mitochondrial DNA and Aging Mikhail Alexeyev, Susan P. LeDoux, Glen L. Wilson 42. Models for Apoptosis Christiane Charriaut-Marlangue, Sylvain Renolleau 43. Age-related Changes in Hormones and Their Receptors in Animal Models of Female Reproductive Senescence Jacqueline A. Maffucci, Andrea C. Gore 44. Models of Chaperones in Aging Jens Kroll, J. O. Nehlin 45. Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells In Aging Related Diseases Shannon Whirledge, Kirk C.L. Lo, and Dolores J. Lamb 46. Nuclear Transfer and Cloning: Preservaton or Expansion of Proliferative Lifespan? Keith E Latham 47. Human Models of Longevity Thomas Perls 48. Computational Models of Mitochondrial DNA in Aging David C Samuels 49. Mouse Models of Accelerated Aging Jan Vijg, Paul Hasty V. Disease-States and Normal Aging A. Disease States 50. Models, Definitions, and Criteria of Frailty David B. Hogan 51. Fertility and Aging Men Peter N Schlegel, Puneet Masson, Sarah M. Lambert, Harry Fisch 52. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Peter N Celec 53. Murine Models of Infectious Diseases in the Aged Kevin P High 54. Physiopathology, clinical symptoms and causative agents of pneumonia Jean-Paul Janssens 55. Diabetes and Aging Tamas Fulop, A. Larbi; D. Tessier, A. Carpentier 56. Diabetes as a Model of Premature Aging Arshag D Mooradian 57. Frailty as a Model of Aging Jeremy D. Walston 58. Osteoporosis and Cardiovascular Disease in the Elderly Samy I McFarlane, MD, FACP, FACE, CCD, John Nicasio, Ranganath Muniyappa 59. Depression in Older Patients Kiran Rabheru 60. The Aging Human Lung: Age-associated Changes in Structure and Function Keith C. Meyer 61. Iceland as a Model for Human Aging Adalsteinn Gudmundsson, Palmi V Jonsson 62. Behavior and Personality in the Study of Successful Aging Judith Corr, Lorraine Tarou B. Health Issues Affecting the Elderly 63. Andropause Rabih Hijazi, Glenn R. Cunningham* 64. Aging and the perceptual organization of sounds: a change of scene? Claude Alain, Benjamin J. Dyson, Joel S. Snyder 65. Models of Immune Function in Aging Christopher A. Jolly, Zhun Xu 66. Human T Cell Clones in Long-term Culture as Models for the Impact of Chronic Antigenic Stress in Aging Graham Pawelec, Erminia Mariani, Rafael Solana, Rosalyn Forsey, Anis Larbi, Simone Neri, Olga Dela Rosa, Yvonne Barnett, Jon Tolson, Tamas Fulop 67. Age-Related Changes in the Human Retina Carlo Cavallotti, Nicola Pescosolido 68. Models of Age Related Vision Problems J. Fielding Hejtmancik, Mark Kantorow, Takeshi Iwata 69. Health, Functional and Therapeutic Implications of Obesity in Aging R L Kennedy, E Y H Khoo 70. Age and Joints Klaus Bobacz, Ilse-Gerlinde Sunk 71. Sleep Quality in the Elderly Ragnar Asplund 72. Atherogenesis and Aging Cam Patterson 73. Managing Menopausal Symptons Mary Ellen Rousseau 74. Psychological Aging: A Contextual View Hans-Werner Wahl, Frieder R. Lang 75. Nutrients and Aging Lawrence J Whalley C. Approaches to Treatment and Models 76. Methods for Studying Hearing Impairment and Auditory Problems of the Aged Robert D Frisina, D. Robert Frisina 77. A Model for Understanding the Pathomechanics of Osteoarthritis in Aging Thomas P Andriacchi, Annegret Mundermann 78. Aging and Cardiovascular Angiogenesis Models Andrew Chin, Jacquelyn M. Holm, Inga J. Duignan, and Jay M. Edelberg* 79. Models for the Study of Stroke Thiruma V. Arumugam, Mark P. Mattson* 80. Werner Syndrome as a Model of Human Aging Raymond J Monnat, Jr 81. Models of Sarcopenia Alfred L Fisher 82. Aging of Human Skin Paolo U Giacomoni 83. Models of Hypertension in Aging Jane F Reckelhoff, Radu Iliescu, Licy Yanes, Lourdes A Fortepiani

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Hardbound, ISBN: 0-12-369391-8, 1075 pages, publication date: 2006

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