Monday, August 06, 2007

Anti-Aging Congress in Chicago


On August 2-4 there was an interesting A4M Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine & Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Chicago. It brought together several thousand physicians, researchers and lay persons, curious to know what could be done in order to delay, prevent and perhaps even to reverse the deleterious effects of aging on human health.

It was particularly interesting to listen the lecture by Dr. Imre Zs.- Nagy there, who is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of a professional peer-reviewed journal "Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics" (Elsevier), and the author of over a hundred scientific publications. Dr. Zs.-Nagy gave a talk on the following topic:

"Aging is an Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency Syndrome (AGHDS):
This Statement may be the Basis of a General Consensus of Gerontologists"

Given a lot of hot debates over human growth hormone and its use in anti-aging medicine, this lecture was quite an event. It indicates that some mainstream gerontologists may finally embrace the idea that human growth hormone deficiency may perhaps be the driving force of the aging process, with obvious practical implications for the future anti-aging interventions.

Stay tuned, and watch for subsequent scientific publications on this topic by Dr. Zs.-Nagy and his colleagues, which are likely to follow soon!

By the way, new books on human growth hormone are listed here.

The Congress also had a very rich exhibition of different health-related products, including diagnostics and treatment of age-related conditions, as well as a display of dietary supplements, numerous massage and spa devices, etc.

Certainly a critical judgement was necessary in evaluating the claims made by some exhibitors there (as well as by some speakers). Also this meeting was more for practicing physicians rather than for research scientists. Still it was fun to be there, and to observe how many people are interested in anti-aging interventions and are ready to try them.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting news, thank you! :-)

What do you think of these published studies, which found negative health effects of growth hormone?:

1. Effects of long-term elevated serum levels of growth hormone on life expectancy of mice: lessons from transgenic animal models. Wolf E, Kahnt E, Ehrlein J, Hermanns W, Brem G, Wanke R in Mech Ageing Dev 1993 May;68(1-3):71-87 PMID: 8350664

2. Assessment of growth parameters and life span of GHR/BP gene-disrupted mice. Coschigano KT, Clemmons D, Bellush LL, Kopchick JJ in Endocrinology 2000 Jul;141(7):2608-13 PMID: 10875265

3. Effects of growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor 1 deficiency on ageing and longevity. Laron Z in Novartis Found Symp 2002;242:125-37; discussion 137-42 PMID: 11855684
“In conclusion longstanding GH/IGF1 deficiency affects several parameters of the ageing process without impairing lifespan, and as shown in animal models prolongs longevity. In contrast high GH/IGF1 levels accelerate death.”

Many thanks again!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Gavrilov,

May I ask you to announce on your influential blog these breaking news about the dramatic change in the FDA policy on human growth hormone replacement therapy:

As you may already know, this Friday, Aug 10, 2007, the well-known anti-aging physician, James Forsythe M.D., H.M.D. was cleared of any wrong doing in a thirty month federal investigation and criminal indictment by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Attorney's office into the use of human growth hormone.

Moreover, now the FDA has requested that Dr. Forsythe author the very first protocols for the use of human growth hormone in the medical community across the nation!

According to Dr. Forsythe's attorney Kevin Mirch "this is the first time in the history of the FDA that they have asked a doctor in private practice to draw up the guidelines for using a drug. This is a complete reversal of their original intentions when they went after my client two years ago."

Dr. Forsythe himself commented on his victory: "I'm sure this has been a learning experience for the FDA and the federal government and I am looking forward to working with the FDA in educating medical professionals and regulatory officials as to the best uses for human growth hormone."

You can read more about these breaking news here.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that hormone balance is very important thing that you should care!

9:50 AM  
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Anonymous Alexandre said...

j'espère qu'un jour les gens vivront au moins 100 ans et en auront 70 au plus

11:30 AM  

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