Tuesday, October 16, 2007

'Midlife in the United States' -- MIDUS II Meeting


This month we were fortunate to attend very interesting scientific meeting at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. This conference was about the MIDUS II Project -- a National Study of Health & Well-Being ('Midlife in the United States' -- MIDUS), funded by the US National Institute on Aging. Attached below is a program of this very intensive two-day meeting, which describes the scope of this project. A lot of interesting studies, which are in the pipeline for upcoming publications to watch !

Agenda -- MIDUS II
October 2-3, 2007
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Room T216 Conference Room (2nd floor)
Waisman Center (1500 Highland Avenue)

Tuesday, October 2
8:30 -- 9:00
Carol Ryff
Welcome/Updates on MIDUS Presentations

New Findings from MIDUS II
9:00 -- 9:35
John Ayanian
Racial Disparities in Survival and Changes in Physical Health

9:35 -- 10:10
Barry Radler
Who Participates: Sociodemographic and Psychosocial Predictors of Retention in MIDUS II

10:25 -- 11:00
Susan South
Income as a Moderator of Genetic and Environmental Effects on Mental Health

11:00 -- 11:35
Tara Gruenewald
Explorations of the SES Gradient in Multisystem Biological Dysregulation

11:35 -- 12:10
Elliot Friedman
Biological Imprints of Unfair Treatment:
Links Between Experiences of Discrimination and Adhesion Molecules

Japanese Comparisons: The MIDJA Study
1:10 -- 1:45
Mayumi Karasawa
Launching the MIDJA Survey in Japan

1:45 -- 2:20
Shinobu Kitayama
Independence, Interdependence and Health and Well-Being: Divergent Patterns in Japan and the U.S.

2:20 -- 3:15
Norito Kawakami
Epidemiology of Job Stress and Cardiovascular Health: An International Comparison

MIDUS Pilot Award Presentations
3:30 -- 4:05
Kali Trzesniewski
Self-Esteem and Healthy Adjustment: Evidence from a Behavior Genetics Investigation

4:05 -- 4:40
Natalia Gavrilova and Stacy Tessler Lindau
Sexuality: An Overlooked Aspect of Women’s Health and Healthy Life Expectancy

Wednesday, October 3

New Findings from MIDUS II
8:30 -- 9:05
Margie Lachman and Patricia Tun
Cognitive Aging: The Contribution of Psychosocial and Behavioral Factors

9:05 -- 9:40
Joe Grzywacz
Work, Family and Adult Health: Leverage Points and Linkages

9:40 -- 10:15
Teresa Seeman
Biological Concomitants and Consequences of Social Engagement

10:30 -- 11:05
Perry Hu
Relations Between Social Engagement and Serum Levels of Inflammation Markers and Antioxidants

11:05 -- 11:40
Arun Karlamangla
Childhood Psychosocial Influences on Adult Bone Health

11:40 -- 12:15
Kelly E. Cichy
All Stressors Are Not Created Equal:
Examining Variability in Associations Between Stressful Experiences and the Diurnal Rhythm of Cortisol

1:00 -- 1:35
Robert Stawksi
Associations Between Fluid Cognitive Function and Daily Cortisol

1:35 -- 2:10
Heather King
It's Sensational: The Role of Neuroticism, Somatic Amplification, and Age in Daily Physical Symptoms

2:10 -- 2:30 Group Discussion

------- THE END ------

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'Midlife in the United States' -- MIDUS II Meeting
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