Thursday, November 01, 2007

How to Produce Immortal Organism?


Recently Professor Robin Holliday has published some interesting thoughts on a provocative topic -- How to Produce Immortal Organism. He published these bold ideas in his new book:

Aging: The Paradox of Life: Why We Age
by Robin Holliday (Hardcover - Aug 24, 2007)

Here are some excerpts from page 75 of this book:

"From a scientific point of view it is a worthwhile exercise to consider what would be necessary to produce a complex organism that was potentially immortal.

First, the animal would have to be in a steady state, that is, the adult would not be young or old, but remain anatomically and physiologically unchanged indefinitely, in the absence of some lethal accident.

Second, it would have the ability to regenerate all components of the body that began to show any signs of ageing or decay.

Third, to do this it would have to invest a large proportion of its resources in maintenance, regeneration and renewal."

Here are my thoughts on this topic:

First, the organism should not be in a steady state, because repair, regeneration and renewal could be done periodically, for example during sleep or hibernation-like state. By the way, aging and longevity could be modulated by hibernation, see Hibernation, Aging and Longevity

Second, the organism would not need to have the ability to regenerate all components of the body, if there is an external help in the form of regenerative medicine.

Third, to regenerate all components of the body, the organism would not have to invest a large proportion of its resources, if, again, there is an external help in the form of regenerative and genuine anti-aging medicine in the future. Anyway, the need for energy resources is not a problem given the rising proportion of overweight and obese people. There is plenty of unused energy, which moves into fat. It is not the lack of energy, but rather the lack of clever and efficient rejuvenation technologies, that need to be overcome. This in turn requires a boost in longevity research and public support for it.

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How to Produce Immortal Organism?
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Anonymous Dr. Gregory M Fahy, Ph.D. said...

To Dr. Leonid Gavrilov:

You make an absolutely excellent point: Dr. Holliday would have us believe that we can't significantly modify aging because we have an "energy shortage" (i.e., that there is a necessary trade-off between allocating energy for either self-repair or reproduction) but this is a deeply flawed concept on multiple levels. The evidence actually suggests that we are not limited by energy AT ANY AGE. What we are limited by is changing energy allocation as we get older, away from the superb self-repair we enjoy SIMULTANEOUSLY with reproductive maturation and reproduction itself in youth (even as we profligately WASTE energy simultaneously by having very high levels of uncoupling proteins) to useless fat storage as we get older. Stop this shift and you will in my estimation drastically modify aging, contrary to what Dr. Holliday and the majority who are in his camp think.

Further supporting details will be found in my chapter in The Future of Aging (Springer Science, 2008).

-- Greg Fahy, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer at Twenty-First Century Medicine, Inc

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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