Saturday, June 10, 2006

Washington Post Coverage of Longevity Study

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I am pleased to learn that recently the Washington Post has published a story about new research findings of our study "Childhood Conditions and Exceptional Longevity":

"Giving Junior an Edge"

Washington Post

Here are some excerpts:

"The Perfect Baby Gift. Want your kids to celebrate their 100th birthday or beyond? Then you may want to have them before you hit 25. Researchers from the University of Chicago's Center of Aging have found that a child's chances of becoming a centenarian double if the mother was younger than 25 when she gave birth. The father's age was deemed less important, said Leonid A. Gavrilov, who co-authored the study with his wife, Natalia Gavrilova. (They are both research associates at the center.) Other factors they said may help a child reach 100: growing up in the West, spending part of one's childhood on a farm and being firstborn. Their study, supported by the National Institute on Aging and presented last month to the Population Association of America, drew on data about 198 centenarians born between 1890 and 1893."

"What's She Got That You Don't? Among theories Gavrilov offered to explain the findings: a woman's best eggs are fertilized first; younger mothers are likely to be healthier and less subject to career demands; the care from a younger mother may be better or longer-lasting. But Gavrilov said that all theories were speculative and needed further study. The research, he added, was not meant to suggest that young women rush out and have kids."

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