Sunday, February 25, 2007

Forever and Ever

Discussion of a new book "Forever and Ever" by Dan A. Baker
This is a novel about future scientific discovery leading to aging reversal and immortality in a youthful state


This is a place for discussion of a new book:

Forever and Ever
by Dan A. Baker

Review 1:

"Dan Baker has found the pulse of modern biotechnology and brings it to life with an incredible ride to the very edge of current science. Packed with electrifying scenarios, evocative romance, riotous characters and edgy commentary."

-- Walter D. Funk, PhD.

Review 2:

"Baker's book opens a window into the fascinating world of modern biotech and it's limitless future. Not only are the techniques, the medicine,the companies and the people accurate and well-written, but his scientific theme - reversal of human aging - is about to become reality in the very near future."
-- Dr. Michael Fossel, Author of REVERSING HUMAN AGING

and Cells, Aging, and Human Disease

Review 3:

I was very impressed with this book. BAKER GOT THE SCIENCE RIGHT!! Congratulations! The author learned the science of gene-based immortality, and wrote it flawlessly! Above all, Baker grasped and conveyed the complexity of genomics, bio-informatics, and protein modeling and wrote it in a way anyone can understand.

The systems biology approach forwarded in the story with self-regulated gene cascades is the kind of integrative biology that biologists are just now beginning to fully appreciate. Almost all the miracles the author attributes to stem cells in adults are plausible in systems biology. Not only does the science flow in FOREVER AND EVER, it sails tightly across the text!

-- Stanley Shostak,Ph.D., Author of BECOMING IMMORTAL

[My] Review 4:

FOREVER AND EVER is absorbing reading: When I started reading this book I just could not stop, absorbing it for a whole night, like a kid. This book may awake and electrify the society, sending a strong message that the horrific toll of the "inevitable" and "natural" aging process,and the passive resignation with which it is currently accepted, just should not be tolerated any longer in a technologically advanced society.

We may hear about this book very soon in many places from many people, leading to a growing loud public demand to start a serious large-scale biotech war on aging.

-- Dr. Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D., Author of BIOLOGY OF LIFE SPAN

Notes at the back cover of the book Forever and Ever:

What If?
Gene-based aging reversal and immortality in a youthful state is suddenly achieved by Dr. Jasmine Metcalf, an unlikely renegade biotech scientist. Battling tragedy, relentless irony and torrid love affair, Jasmine is drawn into the colorful world of garage-biotech to treat a child dying of old age.

DAN A. BAKER is a writer and producer from the Bay Area, with interests in history, American culture, geopolitics, and the impact of technology on the human race.
Published works include One Man's War a nonfiction account of a legendary unrequited wartime love story, and several feature film scripts, including SUV.
Forever and Ever is in feature film development, and is expected to go into production in 2008.

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