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Survival Models

List of recent books on statistical modelling of survival times (lifetimes)
Comments and suggestions are welcome!


Recently I have got the following interesting question by e-mail:

Would you know of any good sources of information (books, papers) covering previous longevity research based on statistical modelling of survival times (lifetimes)?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Well, the answer to this question may be of public interest, therefore I post it here.

What first comes to my mind, are these books and book chapters:

Book chapter "Models of Systems Failure in Aging"
by Gavrilov LA & Gavrilova NS, 2006
In: Handbook of Models for Human Aging
by P Michael Conn (Editor):

Stochastic Ageing and Dependence for Reliability
by Lai, Chin-Diew, Xie, Min, 2006

Survival Analysis: A Self-Learning Text
(Statistics for Biology and Health)

by David G., Klein, Mitchel, 2nd ed., 2005

Applied Mathematical Demography
(Statistics for Biology and Health)

by Keyfitz, Nathan and Caswell, Hal, 3rd ed., 2005

Statistical Demography and Forecasting
(Springer Series in Statistics)

by Alho, Juha M. and Spencer, Bruce D., 2005

Survival Analysis
by Klein, John P. and Moeschberger, Melvin L., 2nd ed. 2003

The Life Table: Modelling Survival and Death
(European Studies of Population)

by Wunsch, Guillaume; Mouchart, Michel; DuchĂȘne, Josianne (Eds.), 2002

Modern Applied Statistics with S
by W.N. Venables, and B.D. Ripley, 4th ed. 2002. Corr. 2nd printing, 2003

Modeling Survival Data: Extending the Cox Model
(Statistics for Biology and Health)

by Terry M. Therneau and Patricia M. Gramb, 1st ed. 2000. 2nd printing, 2001

Statistical Models Based on Counting Processes
(Springer Series in Statistics)

by Andersen, P.K., Borgan, O., Gill, R.D., Keiding, N., 1st ed. 1993. Corr. 4th printing, 1997

Reliability Engineering
(Topics in Safety, Reliability and Quality)

by Aggarwal, K.K., 1993

Biology of Life Span: A Quantitative Approach
by Leonid A. Gavrilov and Natalia S. Gavrilova, 1991

The classic books and papers on statistical modelling of survival times (lifetimes) published before 1991 can be found at:

This list of classic publications may be also useful for the studies on the history of science of survival models.

Hope it helps,

Please feel free to post your comments and other books suggestions!

Just post them below, please:

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