Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Myth of Generational Conflict: The Family and State in Ageing Societies (New Book)

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Here is a new book for discussion:

The Myth of Generational Conflict:
The Family and State in Ageing Societies

by Sara Arber (Paperback - Jan 30, 2008)
Book Description provided by the Publisher (Routledge):
The collection addresses theoretical and policy issues connecting age and generation with the family and social policy. It focuses both on cross-cultural comparison within societies and analysis based on a range of societies.

Key words:
New books, Myth of Generational Conflict, Generational Conflict, Family, State, Ageing Societies, Sara Arber, Routledge, Population aging, Aging of population, social policy, cross-cultural comparison

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The Myth of Generational Conflict: The Family and State in Ageing Societies (New Book)
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