Sunday, February 28, 2016

Welcome to our upcoming presentation in Chicago!

Welcome to our upcoming presentation "Mortality Patterns at Advanced Ages" in Chicago!:

Wednesday, March 23rd, 4 pm
Holiday Inn Chicago Mart Plaza, 350 West Mart Center Drive, Chicago
Chicago Actuarial Association March 2016 Workshop
4:15 PM Session C: C7: Mortality Patterns at Advanced Ages

Session: Mortality Patterns at Advanced Ages
Speakers: Natalia S. Gavrilova, Ph. D, and Leonid A. Gavrilov

Session outlines methodological approaches to mortality trajectories analysis after age 80 years and describes methods of mortality estimates at advanced ages. Mortality analysis is illustrated using (Social Security Administration Death Master File) and International data from the Human Mortality Database as well as the International Database on Longevity. Mortality modeling, approaches to hazard rate estimation, analyses using the Life-table Aging Rate (LAR) and other measures are discussed. Historical evolution of mortality age trajectories is also presented. Human mortality patterns are studied up to age 115 years.