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News from the 'Science for Life Extension' Foundation: Aging -- not a destiny!

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Recently the 'Science for Life Extension' Foundation has published an interesting news announcement at its website here:

For your convenience this Russian text is translated into English below:

Aging -- not a destiny!

Charity evening meeting, April 17, 2009, Moscow.
At this charity event the presentation was made, describing the work of the 'Science for Life Extension' Foundation and its objectives.

Aging -- not a destiny! This was the title of a charitable meeting of the Foundation 'Science for Life Extension', which took place in a comfortable informal environment of the Tsurtsum Cafe at the Winery place (Moscow, Russia). It is this environment, which provided an opportunity for guests to absorb the vast amount of knowledge about human aging, and about the opportunities offered, and to be offered by science to combat it.

The purpose of the meeting - to allow guests (which were people of many different professions - politicians, businessmen, designers, representatives of the various foundations) to learn as much about aging as possible, and to learn that aging could be defeated in the foreseeable future. Knowledge leads to action, and therefore the second goal of the Foundation 'Science for Life Extension' was to get as many supporters and partners as possible.

The chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation, Michael Batin shared with guests his plans, and the most important of them - the development of an integrated interdisciplinary program 'Science against aging', which the Foundation is being developing for a year already, inviting contributions from leading researchers in Russia and abroad. Among the guests of the meeting were the Foundation's experts, internationally recognized scientists: Leonid Gavrilov and Natalia Gavrilova, Alexei Olovnikov, Vladimir Skulachev and Maxim Skulachev.

The program is a set of research tasks for different scientific disciplines in the study of mechanisms of aging and life extension. This work unprecedented in world science has already been highly evaluated by international scientific community. The second working version of the program was published in February 2009, the next version will be released in May and it will be presented at the International Congress of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) in Paris.

Still this is only the beginning of the work, which will transform the program into a comprehensive document that would serve as both a guide and a tool not only for scientists but also for politicians, policy makers, and national governments, to ensure that the fight against aging follows a coherent strategic plan. Michael Batin announced the budget expenses, which are necessary to complete the first phase of program creation: ten million Russian rubles, of which three million - are the funds of the Foundation itself and seven million - the requested support from investors.

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Also you are cordially invited to participate in discussion of this new 'Science Against Aging' Research Plan:
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News from the 'Science for Life Extension'Foundation: Aging -- not a destiny!
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Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the 'Science for Life Extension' Foundation, Michael Batin, shared his ambitious plans with the guests (see below).


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