Saturday, June 14, 2008

Call to Swedish Colleagues


We will be in Sweden on July 4 - 9, and we would be delighted to meet Swedish colleagues interested in aging, longevity and life extension.

If you are one of them, please contact us at:

This is our first trip to Sweden, but we have some prior experience of giving invited lectures in Canada, France, Australia, England, Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Malaysia, and of course in the United States:

We would be glad to find some people in Sweden interested in aging, longevity and life-extension for possible contacts.

We are invited to a closed scientific meeting on life-extension near Stockholm, starting on evening July 5, and until afternoon of July 8.

As by now we have two open slots for other invited lectures, if somebody is interested:

1. July 4 until evening of July 5; and

2. evening of July 8 until early morning of July 10.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

-- Leonid Gavrilov, Ph.D.:

-- Natalia Gavrilova, Ph.D.:

P.S.: Here are our flight details, just in case:

Arrival to Sweden (Arlanda airport):
Friday, July 4, 12:25 PM (afternoon)
Scandinavian Airlines # 556

Departure from Sweden (Arlanda airport):
Thursday, July 10, 10:15 AM (morning)
United Airlines # 9359 Operated by: SCANDINAVIAN -- SK 945

On the evening of July 4th we could be found at Quality Hotel Airport Arlanda (Cederstromsslinga, Arlanda, SE, 19586), Phone: (46) 8 59 51 11 00, E-mail:

On the evening of July 5th we could be found at Arlanda airport Radisson SkyCity Hotel (P.O. Box 82, SE-190 45, Stockholm-Arlanda),
Phone: +46 (0)8 50 67 4000; Fax: +46 (0)8 50 67 4001

On July 6 - 8 we will be at the Castle Ranas Slott (762 96 Ranas; 60 km to the North from Stockholm, tel.0175 747 00; e-mail:,
This is a confidential, by-invitation-only scientific meeting. However you are most welcome to send us a message there, if you wish to meet us sometime later, starting on evening of July 8, until the evening of July 9. Thanks!

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Call to Swedish Colleagues
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