Thursday, April 02, 2009

'Science Against Aging' Research Plan -- Invitation to Discussion

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Dear All:

You are cordially invited to participate in discussion of a new 'Science Against Aging' Research Plan:
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The authors of this program wrote:

Please, answer 12 basic questions on the biology of ageing:

1. Why are organisms exposed to progressive and irreversible reduction of physiological functions in the final period of their lives?

2 . Why do life expectancy and speed of aging differ within one species and across species?

3. Why does experimental treatment such as caloric restriction delay a great number of age-related physiological and pathological changes and increase the average and maximum life duration in animals?

4. Do these factors affect aging and age-associated diseases independently from one another?

5. Do age-related changes in the organism increase the exposure to diseases or do diseases develop independently and only later exacerbate the manifestations of aging?

6. What are, in your view, possible points of a scientific breakthrough in research aimed at increase of longevity?

7. At what evolutionary phase did aging arise or, alternatively, has it accompanied life since its inception?

8. Are the aging processes of an organism caused by aging at the cell level?

9. To what extent are aging processes conditioned genetically?

10. Why do species with 'negligible' aging exist?

11. Are reproduction and life expectancy interrelated or independent from each other?

12. What other questions may be crucial for understanding the mechanisms of aging?

The authors of this program also invited to comment on the sections of their Research Plan:

Section 1
Fundamental Mechanisms of Aging. Main Research Areas

Section 2
Genetics of Lifespan and Aging. Main Research Directions

Section 3
Metabolic Aspects of Aging and Longevity. Main Research Directions

Section 4
Immunity and Aging. Main Research Directions

Section 5
Stem Cells and Aging. Main Research Directions

Section 6
Application of Stem Cells in Geriatrics & Gerontology. Main Research Directions

Section 7
Medicated Geroprotection. Main Research Directions

Section 8
Geroprotectors Efficiency Research. Main Research Directions

Section 9
Identification of the Molecular Markers in Aging. Selected Clauses

Section 10
Mathematical Modelling of the Life Span, Longevity and Aging. Main Research Directions

Section 11
Microecology and Aging. Main Research Directions

Section 12
Reproduction and Aging. Selected Research Directions

Section 13
Environmental Influence on Aging. Selected Research Directions

The Word "doc" version of the entire Program is available at:
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Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions below by clicking here.

Key words:
Science Against Aging, Fundamental Mechanisms of Aging, Genetics of Lifespan and Aging, Metabolic Aspects of Aging and Longevity, Immunity and Aging, Stem Cells and Aging, Application of Stem Cells in Geriatrics & Gerontology, Medicated Geroprotection, Geroprotectors Efficiency, Molecular Markers in Aging, Mathematical Modelling of the Life Span, Longevity and Aging; Microecology and Aging; Reproduction and Aging; Environmental Influence on Aging

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'Science Against Aging' Research Plan -- Invitation to Discussion
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