Monday, March 26, 2007


Mark your Calendar for this meeting, which will cover the quantitative and mathematical approaches to aging and longevity studies:

International Conference on Mathematical Sciences
"Integrating Mathematical Sciences within Society"
28-29 November 2007, Equatorial Hotel, Bangi-Putrajaya, Malaysia

Tentatively, among those who have agreed to give the talks are:

Prof. J.C. Butcher (University of Auckland), Numerical Analysis.
Dr. L.A. Gavrilov (University of Chicago), Population and Human Longevity.
Mr. G. Hoo, FCAS (NMG Financial Services Consulting), Insurance.
Prof. S. Owa (Kinki University), Complex Analysis.
Mr. W.C. Pan, FFA (Kurnia Asia Berhad), Insurance.
Prof. B.K. Sinha (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Statistics.

Please note that just before this conference, there will be another interesting meeting at the same location:

Human Longevity Workshop
26-27 November 2007, Equatorial Hotel, Bangi-Putrajaya, Malaysia

Therefore, consider participating in both events at the same place for the period of November 26-29, 2007 !
And then you can take a free tour to Kuala Lumpur on 30th Nov 2007!

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