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Medical Decisions, Estrogen and Aging -- New Book

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Here is a new book for discussion:

Medical Decisions, Estrogen and Aging
by Jay Schulkin (Hardcover - Dec 21, 2007)

Here is a book description provided by the Springer Publisher:

Book Description

The decision making process that underlies ovarian hormone therapy (HT) is fallible. The question is whether or not physicians should suggest; should one take estrogen or progestin or some other combination of related hormones to women during the menopausal period, when women are deciding about whether to go on hormone therapy for diverse reasons. This decision affects many women in this country and around the world, and is an important factor serving to show what forces influence medical decision-making.

Two recent large-scale studies, one here (Womens Health Initiative or WHI) and the other in Great Britain, cast a negative light on the use of hormone therapy. Both have received considerable attention in the media. Thus, the decision for women to go on hormone therapy (HT) remains controversial. There is an historical oscillation of beliefs related in part to expectations of the medicinal value of HT over longer-term use beyond the initial peri-menopausal period. Studies thought to resolve issues surrounding the efficacy of HT were perhaps over-stated. Confusion still permeates the decision making with regard to HT. Over zealous advertising, and exaggerated understanding of the results (negative or positive) undermines patient and physician decision making.

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Medical Decisions, Estrogen and Aging -- New Book
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