Monday, February 04, 2008

Oxidation: The Cornerstone of Carcinogenesis -- New Book

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Here is a new book for discussion:

Oxidation: The Cornerstone of Carcinogenesis.
Oxidation and tobacco smoke carcinogenesis.
A relationship between cause and effect

by John C. Stavridis (Hardcover - Jan 2008)

Book Description provided by the Springer Publisher:

In order to learn oncology, it is necessary to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of molecular biology in carcinogenesis, and then, with this as a background, to consider the principles of the theoretical and clinical basis of the subject. For graduate students who are preparing themselves for the specialty of internal medicine or clinical oncology, and physicians who wish to become proficient in oncology, it is exceedingly difficult to be highly skilled and completely informed in this expanding field of science without a comprehensive text on the subject. This book is unique, due to its collective approach to the key aspects of the interdependency between three entities: oxidative stress, tobacco smoke and carcinogenesis, operating in a cause-effect sequence, in a concise and to the point manner. I hope this book will prove to be a helpful companion to the internist, the oncologist and the research scientist in molecular biology as well as a work of reference for the general practitioner and physician interested in cancer research.

Information about the Author provided by the Springer Publisher:

John C. Stavridis is a medical doctor who studied Medicine at the Military Medical School of Thessaloniki, Greece. He specialized in Internal Medicine at the Evangelismos Medical Centre, Athens, and received his MD and Professorship from the University of Athens Medical School. Following a postdoctoral position as a senior research fellow and registrar at postgraduate Medical School, London University, Hammersmith Hospital, Department of Clinical Hematology, he joined the Hematology Unit at St. Sabbas Anticancer Hospital, Athens, as director. He taught Physiology from 1991-1999 as a head of the Department of Physiology and full professor at the University of Athens Medical School. Since 1999, Prof. Stavridis has been President of the Institute of Biomedical Research and Biotechnology, Athens.

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Oxidation: The Cornerstone of Carcinogenesis -- New Book
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